U.S. Programs


Workforce Development Program:

Career Data (Career Seeker/Student)

Aid Foundation, Inc. to seek for grants and implement the following: create a page on its website where college students can go and upload their resume for internship. So, nonprofit startup and/or small company (with less than 10 employees) who do not have the means to hire talents could go and select candidates to work for them, and Aid Foundation will be responsible for the wages. The program is 3 months paid internships but could extend to 6 months when needed.

The program will be beneficial to both students and startups. This program will help students gain practical knowledge and experience before graduation. Also, alleviate those burdens on nonprofit startups and/or small companies.

This program is open to all, priority maybe given to students from state colleges and universities.

Startups: any startups or nonprofit but preference to those with program in climate sustainability, recycling, minority, women founder, or life sciences companies.


Life Sciences Apprenticeship

To strengthen the workforce pipeline and fill the unemployment gap in life sciences organizations, Aid Foundation Inc. aims to do the following: 

  • Recruit and prepare African and African Americans to enter the life sciences workforce. 
  • Offer tuition-free placement in biomanufacturing and biomedical certificate programs.
  • Collaborate with life sciences companies to hire candidates who complete these programs.
  •  Collaborate with life sciences companies to offer internship opportunities for high school juniors and seniors.
  • Provide life sciences mentorship and career advising to students.

 Information from career seekers will be save in our date base and share with employer or company for employment purposes only. Company information will be save in our data base for our record only.